Sunday, September 27, 2009

There comes a time.

I'm headed to "The States" for 5 weeks, so I'll not have a chance to update this with photos. Perhaps a few words might interject, but probably not.

I thought I might leave something special that I toiled over. It's about time and place and those things that matter most when they matter.

"A" Poem.

A meeting of chance: A chanced autumn night.
A rush of the rouge to my head at your sight.
A whirlwind.
A tightrope.
A pressure-point pressed.
A gift of good-grace one couldn't reject.
A sense of sensation.
A spring in my stride.
A floating.
A tingling.
A focus.
A promise from me, to me, all for you.
A notion of love to forever ring true.
A future so bright; my own sun and stars.
A large chunk of space for you in my heart.
A life, lived living a dream of delight.
A reality now: A chanced autumn night.

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