Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A fuller type of circle.

My Dad bought himself a (new to him) car. It's a delightful 1960 MGA 1600 which, when being restored was fitted with an 1800 motor. From some of my youngest momories spent driving around with Terry (Dad), I can recall him telling stories of cars he'd owned through the years, and the pieces of crap he'd bought as a young man. The point of the majority of these stories was that cars are a money-pit and rather a poor investment. This is of course, true, but I always thought that the freedom and enjoyment of driving was worth the cost, and a big part of growing up and learning responsibility.

Seeing my Dad's face light up when explaining the lustre of the British Racing Green paint, the quality of the tan interior, the finish to the chromed luggage rack, and witnessing his enjoyment at blipping the accelerator while working down the gears into a corner tells me that He hasn't lost his youth; it just got buried by all that shit you have to do when you grow up. It also reminds me of the similarities in our personalities. So, if I grow up and become as He is, that'll suit me just fine.

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